Is The Expectation for Instant Gratification Valid?

I had an interesting thought yesterday when I heard a speaker in an event mentioned that today's young people don't really read long articles. He added that if a message can be summarised into a sentence, it's even better!

How true is that? Personally I beg to differ. However, my thought doesn't represent the overall Gen Y thoughts. Is it because how each of us grow up with fast moving visuals and so many choices that they shorten our attention span.

Oh yes, elder individuals always responded in unison that Gen Y individuals have shorter attention span compare to themselves and their peers, as well as their seniors. My thoughts are if processes can be shorten yet at the same time, yield similar results, isn't that reflect effectiveness? What's wrong with demanding for instant gratification when it is possible and we deserve it?

Have you ever heard and experienced any of the above where you had a discussion with probably, your bosses or immediate supervisors on the subject?

It would be great to understand the reason for this ongoing debate on the area of managing and bringing out the best in Gen Y talents.

Ahoy There! Pirates Here in Town!

Would I take a mermaid back home? I would, if she's as beautiful as the one I've seen in the latest Pirates of The Caribbean installment, 'On Stranger Tides'. The actress, Alstrid-Berges Frisbey has been a captivating mermaid in the movie as Syrena the mermaid. I'm sure most of the gentlemen who have watched the movie will agree with me. Oh you just can't forget those eyes. Lol.

Courtesy of Advertlets, I am able to catch the screening of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie last 19th May 2011 in E@Curve's Cathay Cineplex. There are definitely mixed reviews of the movie. Some said the story-line is a little too predictable, but in my opinion, any movie with Johnny Depp will not disappoint me, and I was right.

It's definitely entertaining with the ever dynamic character of Jack Sparrow.....ehem... Captain Jack Sparrow but I have to admit that it's less ball-breaking cannon firing scenes and more showcasing of beauties instead (but hey, who mind?!).

This fourth installment of the PoTC basically tells the story of Jack Sparrow's quest for the Fountain of Youth, while being in confrontation with Blackbeard, the legendary spooky pirate with supernatural powers, feared by many other pirates too. Of course, there's no easy way getting to the legendary fountain. And for it to work requires a share amount of challenges which include encountering gentle but dangerous mermaids, Spanish armada and British ones alike (which surprising led by Captain Barbossa - if you remember him from the first installment, looking for revenge against Blackbeard). More drama unfold as they've reached the Fountain of Youth.

Can't tell too much. Gotta watch it yourself. Lol. :)

By the way, for those who are familiar with the Pirates of the Caribbean series, you will know how to stay on till the end of the credits to catch the final snippet of the movie which gives clue to the story of the upcoming installment. A little bit of patience is all we need!

Definitely looking for a better installment next.

Ahoy there!

Ready for Next Step

When things evolve, we have to keep up as well. It's time for the blog to proceed to the next phase. Will be moving this blog to a proper domain with a URL of its own soon.

Guess what will the URL be? :)

Embracing the Unknowable

Life has a funny way of telling you that in every crisis, there will eventually be the light at the end of the tunnel. At the end, it is all bittersweet. What can we take from there? An enriching journey to be aware of our weakness and acknowledge our strength - continuous improvement and growth.

Humans have a way of developing through experiences and as a result? Innovation. It's all about improving processes, media and ways that had created undesired outcome whether at work, personal relationships or relationship with events happening around us. It is the basis of intelligence of the human race to create solutions to various problems - and they continuously evolve - in complexity and dynamics. It is the need to be achieving the level of self-actualisation - revisit Maslow's theory that humans continue to dominate the mother Earth among all beings.

However, it starts with the courage to take the first step, as the old saying by Lao-Tzu that goes, "Journey of a thousand mile begins with the single step." How on earth did the idea of landing on the Moon come about in the 60's? Today, we are already attempting to land on the neighbouring red planet (Click here to check out more on the Mars program by NASA).

Human being will continue to evolve intelligently. What steps have you taken to improve your chances of creating an impact to the community, world and humanity which will leave a legacy to be remembered? Going back to the basics - don't let the fear of failure overshadow your passion to create tremendous value to the world. Everyone stands a chance - what's your journey going to be like?

Let's explore the unknowable.

What Does Eagle Mean to You?

Went to catch a movie last Tuesday in GSC Tropicana City Mall, courtesy of Advertlets. It was definitely nice to catch up with many bloggers who I haven't met for a very long time due to hectic work schedule for the past one month.

If you didn't know, it was the screening of "The Eagle", a movie which tells a story of the journey of a young talented Roman warrior, Marcus Aquila in recovering the Roman Eagle standard of the Ninth Legion which was lost in Britain with his slave, Esca, and at the same time clearing the father's name who led the Legion and believed by the Romans themselves to allegedly gave up the Eagle without a fight.

Weird tribal languages can be heard from the movie such as Gaelics and Pictish. They just sound so foreign, it's really hard to find the connection to any familiar British accents. So besides English, get prepared to embrace a totally new language that enters the ears. Can't blame me though, never have a thing with linguistics.

The movie left some very interesting thoughts on why eagles are used as symbols since the days of Romans. In my opinion, there may be few possibilities on why an eagle is deemed as a pride of a strong empire, where eagles are also used today to represent strength and glory. Below shows how the eagles are used today to represent strong characters:

1. Symbol of a Visionary, Risk Taker and Strong Willed
Notice how the video explains "Whatever it takes...". Those are powerful words to describe the power of intention. Obviously, the intention to hunt for the snake is to provide the best food to the eaglets as babies fed on snakes "are most likely to survive in the wild". It also applies to our lives that achieving a feat is no easy task and often involves a lot of risks - risk of losing, failing and embarassment (what if I don't achieve it?). In the case of the eagle in the video, it's a matter of life and death. One mistake and it may be lethal. The Romans probably observed these characteristics and decided that it really represents their people and leaders. Hey, look at the land these Romans had conquered!

2. Authority and Power
These traits are agreed by many and especially used to represent the dominance of the eagle in the nature of its hunt for preys. Des Hunt is one person who has created a profile assessment in his book, 'What Makes People Tick?' where he categorises individuals with the trait of an eagle to be a person who wants to have the control and the freedom to get results - wants to be the boss (a decision maker). Why? Is it because the eagles tend to fly higher than any other birds and they often see further than any other birds too? Oh by the way, I did the Des Hunt's test and the result? I have a dominant trait of an eagle and followed by, ehem, peacock. :P

Think there may be many possibilities of choosing the symbol of the great eagle to represent the Roman pride. What we observed above are merely what I am aware of. What does an eagle mean to you? Would really love to hear from you. Probably with your input, we get to know the characteristic of the great eagle better. Share with me!

A Simple Song for A Break

A simple and relaxing song which just played on the radio. It just makes one appreciates simple things in life.

What's For The Sunny Days?

Have been really busy with work but I have tried not to be too consumed in it. Always think it is important to take a break and read some books, magazines, or even browse the web for more information. They are really sources of inspiration to me in life, and in the way I run my business. So really, when the rain showers really heavily, just take time, slow down, turn on the wipers to slowly indulge into the sound of rain drops. It's soothing, trust me, even when stuck in traffic jams.

Talking about taking a break, browsing the web and the heavy rain, I realised I have not really missed the sun. It has always got my skin burnt. The worst was during my Redang trip couple of years ago. I know you can relate to me:
You know you got burnt when the shirt you are wearing feels irritating to the skin. Whenever the shirt or your shoulder moves a little, it just aches and uncomfortable. It got worse when it's time to shower - fair temperature water feels hot on the burnt skin and colder water sends shivers to my body. How to bathe like that...?

That was for the first night. Subsequent day, I just had to brave myself for the sea under the hot sun again. Back then, my thought was calling for a potion which would get me out of the heat! Guess what, the answer to the call came after many years while browsing the web - a sunblock by the name of Ocean Potion. Take that! Probably won't get me out of the heat but it would definitely get the pain out of the heat.

Pretty cool looking brand from the States.

Imagine a sunblock with the icy feeling. Ooo... :P

However, don't think that particular ICY sunblock is in the Malaysian market though. Will definitely go down to Watson or Guardian to check out for the other Ocean Potion's' which I came across in their Malaysian Facebook page, save it for the sunny days. Please enlighten me whether good sunblocks must contain Aloe Vera? And why?

After my hectic work schedule is slowing down, would like to travel to beaches in Sabah for a getaway. Gotta ensure that the Ocean Potion is with me all the time then. Lol. The more I talk about it, the more it sounds Harry Potter-ish, of potion and all... Well, nvm.

Alright, it's time to get back to work! Need an Office Potion pulak - save me from other "distractions". Cheers!
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